CVS Access

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Mohawksoft.Org CVS Access

Mohawksoft.Org provides more software via CVS. To download various Mohawk Software projects, you need to use cvs to login and download the source code.

Username: anonymous

Password: titanium

To Login:

cvs -d login

This will log you into the GPL (GNU Public License) code area of the repository.

Please remember, some of this code is very high quality. Some of it is not so much. Some of it will be junk. It is being made available on a what you see is what you get basis. There are many reasons for why the code is the way it is, but mostly, because the code that was intended for important use is done well. The code that was hacked to solve a one-time problem or make a quick and dirty utility tends to look that way. Use the clever bits as is, and submit patches for the stuff you thinks to be improved.


CVS Access is always in a state of change. When tested snapshots of the various projects come on-line these will be the preferred method of distribution

And always remember!!! "make clean" after a CVS update!!


The Phoenix Library

The Phoenix Library is the central code base for many Mohawk Software projects, it is LGPL and contains many and various algorithms. There is no central purpose other than providing single point access to a set of useful or semi-useful code. Phoenix is required by most all projects on Mohawksoft.Org. (The phoenix library has been in use or is made up of some files that have been in use for over two decades. While some of it is new, some of it is very old, so be prepared! and don't judge!)

cvs -z2 -d get phoenix


The MCache project is a high speed session/data cache for PHP and C/C++ applications.

cvs -z2 -d get mcache

MCache PHP Extension

Is now incorporated into the MCache Project.

XMLDBX PHP Extension

Change into the php-x.y.z/ext directory and get the extension

cvs -z2 -d get xmldbx

XMLDBX PostgreSQL Extension

Edit the Makefile for your setup, make, make install, and run create.sql

cvs -z2 -d get pgxmldbx

Mohawk PostgreSQL Extension

Edit the Makefile for your setup, make, make install, and run create.sql

The mohawk PostgreSQL extension is a sort of swiss army knife of extensions, it includes text parsing, mcache, geographical functions, other functions.

cvs -z2 -d get pgmohawk

Velleman K8055 for Linux

A full implementation of the Velleman K8055 API for Linux

cvs -z2 -d get libk8055 Source

The source code to the robot featured on

cvs -z2 -d get robot

Stand alone Projects that may be interesting

These projects are not extensively tested, they are periodically checked out, used/modified/checked in as needed. The data sources tend to change subtly from time to time, so these programs also tend to change with the databases as needed. Feel free to use them, but they ARE GPL and their use is intended to full under the GPL license.

FreeDB Loader

The FreeDB database loader, it uses the Audio CD ID files from FreeDB ( to create a database in PostgreSQL.

cvs -z2 -d get freedbload


The Tiger project is a simple parser for U.S. Census TIGER Line files that is used to import the data to a PostgreSQL database

cvs -z2 -d get tiger