MCache Beta5 looks real good!

MCache Beta5 has been up and running for just about three weeks and no bug reports have been submitted! It looks like a few small additions need to be made, and we'll be ready to spin the Release Candidate.

Where are the RPMs?

Mohawk Software has received a number of requests for RPM packages of MCache. If someone wants to be involved and donate a pre-packaged RPM, space can be made on the download page for it. If they also wish to donate the RPM generation scripts, those can be included in the source as well.

There is no plan to directly support binary distribution in any form other than through the community. There are too many versions and distributions of Linux (Not to mention FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS/X) and they spin the upgrade cycle far too quickly for Mohawk Software to develop software *AND* support binary releases.

MCache Beta5 Available on Download

A small memory leak introduced a couple beta cycles ago has been found and fixed.

Bugfix on flush code that caused a crash when the system was flushing unused sessions. Cleaned up README and INSTALL files. Added PHP module install instructions for Linux.

The bugs email address has been re-enabled.

MCache 2.0 Beta Cycle

MCache 2.0 development is almost complete.

The beta cycle in the coming weeks will be fast and furious, fixing bugs as quickly as possible and spinning out releases in days not weeks. If you find a bug, fix it and send it to bugs at mohawksoft dot org, or, if you can't fix it, just send a report.

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