The most visited site on the web gets 10 Million hits a week

Yahoo, the most visited site on the web, gets 10 million hits a week. That means, on average, 1.4 million hits a day, or about 60,000 hits an hour, or about 1000 hits a minute, or roughly 20 hits a second.

If we calculate peek at 100 times the average, we are looking at about 2000 hits a second maximum.

MCache on modern hardware has been tested at 4000 session dialogs per second. The size of session information is a factor because of network bandwidth issues and that may effect throughput, but MCache should be able to handle even the most busiest of sites with ease.

MCache 2.0 Beta -- 64Bit is here!

After being side tracked for about 6 months, MCache 64bit is currently in CVS and in the process of being tested.

The Phoenix library on which MCache is built is kind of old. It contains code generated over a span of more than 20 years. While it has been ported from 16 bit to 32 bit in the past, assumptions about bit depth changes made in the past were not true about the move to 64 bit from 32 bit.

The big issue is the size of "int," "unsigned int," and pointers. At the time when the code was created it, it was standard that the size of these types were the natural bit width of the machine and size of a pointer would most likely be the size of an int. In the switch to x86/AMD 64 bits, the "int" type remained 32 bits wide and pointers grew to 64 bits. This wasn't a surprise, but it presented challenges to the code base.

TIGER Line Parser Changes - 2006SE

The tiger line parser has been updated to work with the 2006 Second Edition files. Also added is a utility built with libzip to extract, parse, and output to PostgreSQL the data with no intermediate extraction of the census files.

Code in CVS will be unreliable for the foreseeable future

Phoenix, MCache, and Mohawk customer applications should not be built from CVS in the coming months as a major rewrite is underway after a rather lengthy hiatus.

Phoenix, MCache, and all Mohawk Software private applications are being ported to 64 bit and this will take some time.

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