Duke Nukem Forever vs MCache

I know, I know, MCache seems like a dead project. Well, maybe it is. I still use an older 32 bit version on a few web sites, and have not found a pressing need to finish up the 32/64 bit upgrade. In fact, I'm not even sure it compiles with the latest version of Phoenix, which is undergoing a cleanup/refactor for a couple projects I'm doing on the side.

I'm not asking for donations. I have a full time job and it is more of a time/priority issue for me.

Get it?

Use iptables to route/alias public IPs to private subnet

Suppose you want to route a number of public IP addresses (on a single ethernet device) to specific individual machines on a private subnet. The iptables module can do this for you. Here's how: (PUBLICIP0 and PRIVATEIP0 are place holders for you real values.)

# Load iptables module with nat
modprobe iptable_nat

# Enable forwarding
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

# Clear out any cruft that may have been picked up.
iptables --flush

# We assume "eth0" is your public network device.
# We assume "eth1" is your private network device.

You asked: automake/autoconf

I have been resisting it for years! GNU automake and autoconf are such hairballs I did not want to deal with it. So for years I've worked around it and ignored it.

No more. It just has to happen, I want to support more and different platforms and this just seems like the way to best do it.

So, the next beta release of phoenix and mcache will use autoconf's configure to build and install.

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